Introducing Bart Crawford and Crawford Collaborative Consulting

Crawford Collaborative Consulting is a professional development, coaching and training organization. We work with individuals, businesses, governmental agencies, communities and non-profits across North America. Our methodology utilizes a strengths-based approach to enhance how people work with each other and create opportunities for them to experience the effectiveness of their collaboration. Our motto is, “We are better when we work together.”

Why we do what we do

“We are all better when we work together.”

At Crawford Collaborative Consulting we believe that every individual has significant, yet frequently undiscovered strengths to contribute to the betterment of the group. Our responsibility is to help individuals, organizations, and groups discover those strengths. The result is a stronger unit.

It is no secret that individuals are more connected than ever before. And for organizations to survive, collaboration is critical. What is becoming even more evident is that a strengths-based approach to shared leadership is the key to successfully achieving organizational outcomes and goals.

Crawford Collaborative Consulting believes that when individuals realize their own strengths and the strengths of their peers, they will be able work through the perceived and real barriers inhibiting success. They will learn that sharing strengths, coaching and mentoring teammates and practicing collaboration, will lead to efficiently and effectively doing our best work for ourselves, our children, our businesses and our communities.

Crawford Collaborative Consulting’s model is built on the concept that shared leadership must be taught, modeled, practiced and applied.  In most organizations, valuable people are marginalized because their strengths have not yet been fully uncovered. It is our calling to coach leaders to work from the orientation of  building strengths.

CCC understands that developing shared leadership, working from strengths and collaborative coaching is an evolving process unique to each situation.  But when applied, not only are goals achieved without resistance or sabotage, but also the emotional, physical and mental health of people working together is also nurtured and intact.

We believe in this work because for over 30 years we’ve seen the positive outcome for schools, communities, businesses and organizations. We’ve heard people say, “I was counting the years until retirement and now I’m energized and looking forward to coming to work tomorrow”.  “I never believed this team would be able to complete that project”. “I can’t believe the change in some of our staff.  They always stood in the way of progress and now they are leading the charge”.

Bart’s Bio

Bart brings 35 years of diverse experience in human relations capacities including individual and group development, creating and implementing training and programs for adult learners and organizational consulting. Bart is the CEO and Founder of Crawford Collaborative Consulting.   Formerly the Director of Training and Organizational Development for the National Indian Youth Leadership Project. At NIYLP, Bart was responsible for developing and implementing both internal and external group development and train the trainer workshops for Native Americans and various cultures and populations throughout the US, Canada and abroad.   Previously as the Senior Trainer and Consultant with Project Adventure, Inc., Bart worked with thousands of educators, counselors, executives and consultants both in the US and internationally.

Crawford Collaborative Consulting Team

Bart works with a team of highly-skilled consultants each who bring complimentary strengths and skills to the work while sharing the Crawford Collaborative Consulting philosophy “We are better when we work together.”