CCC Welcomes 2023

Hello from the CCC team!

We hope this holiday season brought joy and connection to your life and that you are looking forward to the gifts and opportunities 2023 is going to bring. As a reflection practice we’d love to share our highlights from this past year, as well as the goals we are most excited about as we move into 2023. We invite you to do the same by replying to this email or scheduling a time to check-in!

2022 was a challenging year for our team, but it also brought growth, deeper connection and fresh perspectives. We started the year by sending Saaleha off to medical school and bringing Cassie Flowers on as Director of Communications. Bart moved to Philadelphia, PA last spring and it has been an adventure getting both his home and the business reestablished. True to his character, his commitment to collaboration, facilitation and coaching never waivered. He led countless in-person and virtual workshops (DEI, leadership development, teambuilding, etc.), and passionately served his coaching clients. Additionally, he renewed his PCC (Professional Coach Certification) and enrolled in a year-long course called Disciplines of Leadership and Self-Mastery with Dr. Michael Broom.

One of our 2022 highlights is the continued evolution of one of our most valuable services; Thought Partnering. Thought Partnering creates space for challenging one’s assumptions and promotes innovative and strategic thinking. We’ve seen these types of sessions add a new dimension to our client’s leadership, business development and even their personal lives. We hope to offer this service to more clients in 2023. 

Our biggest goal for 2023 is to continue growing and cultivating our coaching services for individuals and businesses. Bart has witnessed  again and again how a coaching relationship has the power to change how we interact with the world around us. This has only fueled his passion for coaching.  No matter where you are in your journey, it can be beneficial to be listened to by someone with an outside perspective and to have a safe space to reflect and explore new ideas. Focusing on a holistic approach, coaching brings human potential into focus; allowing our clients to bring their best self to everything they do. 

If you’re interested in any of the following invitations, or know someone who may be, Bart would love to connect with you in 2023:

  • Exploring personal or professional coaching
  • Engaging in Thought Partnering 
  • Connecting with Bart in Philadelphia
  • Collaborating with Bart on future projects
  • Checking in just to say hello

Please contact us at to touch base with us.

We hope that 2023 brings each of you peace, harmony, and growth in all areas of your life.

All the best,

Bart and the CCC team