Beth Wonson



Facilitator, Coach, Writer, Leader  These are the pieces that are woven through all the work I do. For the past 20 years, my work has been with a range of organizations and has focused on transformation and change. I began my career in special education and school administration and moved into the non-profit world shortly after working with schools, agencies and justice programs across the United States helping them to move toward a strengths-based approach in teaching and counseling. I served on the National Alternative Education Association Board of Directors for two terms. Over the past six years I’ve worked on over $5 million in successful funding applications, developed train-the-trainer networks, worked with emerging leaders in a Native American organization, served as Executive Director of a non-profit focused on literacy for farm workers, facilitated team development programs, worked extensively with people and horses and provided individual and group coaching on a variety of projections including leadership development, fundraising and book development. I am co-creator of the Leadership Method©, one of the unique methodologies utilized by Bart Crawford Consulting.  Beth Wonson Consulting works with non-profits and businesses across the country providing leadership coaching, team development, business development, strategic planning, interim Executive Director services and more.