Brian Nagel

Assistant Director of Technology, K-12 Public School


Brian Nagel is the Assistant Director of Technology for Haverhill Public Schools, specializing in educational technology integration, productivity and efficiency applications, system integrations, and more.  He oversees and manages the District’s staff-focused technology training and resources, focusing on ongoing professional development, one-on-one training, and group workshops for the District. He also manages the system integration between the student information system and third party vendors as it relates to rostering, single sign-on, and best practices.

As owner of SfM Studios, he offers technology consultation, project management, software training, website development, and on-site Apple software and hardware training and setup.

With a diverse background in Elementary Education, Music Technology, and nearly a decade of experience in K-12 Educational Technology, his expertise stems from a passion to see students and adults succeed in the areas of technology, productivity, and personal achievement. As a passionate technology user and experienced teacher, he has developed his knowledge and skill set in such a way as to pass his knowledge and expertise along to others. Brian loves to see learners of all ages and types not only grow in their current roles, but also to realize the immense potential of technology and knowledge as it relates to productivity, efficiency, personal achievement, and group collaboration.

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