Our approach is tailored to each client and we work together to identify your needs and meet your healthy workplace culture goals throughout our collaborative step process. We strongly emphasize the term "co-creation."


Step 1

CCC interviews team members for a better understanding of the operations and culture of the organization. Interviews may be conducted in groups or individually.


Step 2

Next, we work together to co-create a plan with strategies to address the identified goals of your organization. The areas we specialize include, but not limited to: communication skills, leadership development, giving and receiving feedback, and cultural competency.


Step 3

We will work together to implement tools and strategies to meet your needs and goals. Our work is grounded in experiential learning, skill development with reflective practices and a focus on individual and collective growth. This may include ongoing check-ins, coaching, on-site visits, one-off or multiple workshops and evaluation measures.


Step 4

We frequently check-in to follow progress and ensure we are working towards your goals and modify as necessary. Following our time together, we will reflect on our learnings, goal progress and next steps.


A systematic approach to discover self-leadership. By engaging in activities that focus on reflecting, processing and problem-solving, participants learn to set, adapt and be accountable for goals. Through this process, participants learn ways to resolve the impact of competition and conflict; this results in a focus on positive contributions to successful outcomes for the whole team.

This method operates on the premise that your entire team has leadership qualities. By encouraging participation, individuals are empowered to begin practicing self-leadership.