CEO and Senior Playologist

Bart Crawford has been on a mission for the last 40 years to engage in dynamic and genuine dialogue. Bart's career began in the field of experiential and adventure based education, working with high-risk youth to help them explore, learn, and practice new strategies for problem-solving and communicating. Since then, Bart's work has expanded to working with and training adults. For years, he has developed customized programs and collaborated with thousands of educators, counselors, executives, and consultants worldwide. Now, he works with an experienced and skilled team of consultants because he simply believes, “we are better when we work together”. His work experience has expanded to include many diverse organizations, municipalities, large and small business, non-profits, schools and universities, and individuals.

Bart is dedicated to creating an atmosphere where all of CCC's clients and collaborators can live, and breathe, their life purpose in an exciting and creative way. Bart believes strongly in using experiential activities as a way of promoting playful learning as well as using a coach-approach to encourage leaders in all teaching and learning moments to integrate what they've learned in their journey with Bart. He leads his clients to self-discovery in a way that will best suit them and their circumstances. Bart's unique approach consistently brings exceptional results that are highly praised by his clients.


  • CTI (Co-Active Training Institute) Trained Coach                           
  • CTI Front of the Room Leader
  • Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPPC)
  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with International Coaching Federation (ICF)
  • Association of Coach Training Organizations (ACTO) Member


Director of Operations

As Director of Operations, Kara Kobunski is responsible for the behind the scenes development that allows CCC to successfully and efficiently cater to our clients' needs. She plays a critical role in the management of systems, communications, organization, and company development. As Bart's partner, she is also a co-facilitator, producer, and host of our virtual workshops, for which she designs the curriculum and materials. Kara is willing to put in any amount of time, research, and energy to guarantee her best efforts. She is extremely talented in bringing people and resources together to accomplish significant goals.

However, administration and systemic skills are not her only strong suit. Kara is also very people-oriented, with a vigorous background in bringing about positive changes across the world and a passion for ensuring that our work reflects that. Kara is known for her organization, positivity, compassion, and supportive nature, which she embodies in and out of the workplace.

As the Executive Assistant, Cassie Flowers is largely responsible for communicating with clients, managing internal systems, and maintaining the organization of CCC. She also develops and utilizes our virtual, state-of-the-art tools, which are used frequently in our collaborations, many of which she takes detailed minutes in. With B.S. in Family Studies, and a wealth of knowledge and experience gained through her advocacy, and legal, work in Social Services and Property Management as a Trainer of teams across the country, Cassie knows it is imperative to focus the strengths of, and value of each individual/team, that she works with. She believes that everyone has value to add when they feel witnessed, heard, and understood. Cassie excels at connecting with others on a personal level, learning about their passions and goals, and using that knowledge to fuel growth. Cassie also values organization, planning, integrity, compassion, and critical thinking. 

Cassie currently resides on a small sailboat with her husband, Doug, and their dog, Loki, in coastal North Carolina. She enjoys the practice, and teaching, of Reiki and working with the Chakras. Additionally, Cassie enjoys writing, photography, yoga, mediation, reading, and ice dyeing.

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Director of Communications